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The Keys to Feedback

Feedback is important in life. We all want to be better at what we do, but being shamed into it rarely, if ever, works.

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Want Success? Give Me a Piece of Your Mind

The world’s ever increasing demands for our attention are creating an overwrought state of mind. It’s causing us to miss out on the small nuances in personal and professional relationships – the things that make a big difference.

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The Rituals of the Focused Mind

It has been estimated that one hour of focused time equals four hours of work in the messy distracted world. Here are some simple but overlooked ways to get to at least a half hour of focused work.

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Focus: The Game-changer

Science tells us that how we pay attention to the world is serious business and could affect our sense of well-being, our success, even our health. The ability to focus is the game-changer.

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How to Free Your Brain from Burnout

Read through these lessons to calm your brain’s overworked environment. Even though this week’s blog in Convince and Convert is directed at some of the world’s busiest people – social media marketers – these are lessons for anyone who feels like they do too much on a...

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