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Look Up From Your Phone: The Answer to Awesomeness Is Sitting Right in Front of You

Uh oh. Our technology has officially gotten the better of us — both physically and mentally. On the physical side, spine experts officially call it “text neck“ and we are seeing more and more people with it beginning in their early teen years.

Identify and Cure Negative Workplace Attitudes

The negative attitude pandemic that is likely taking hold in your office could be quietly cutting into your bottom-line. The virulent workplace virus needs only a couple of nasty-ass attitudes to spread and thrive–if left unchecked you may soon hear the sound of money being siphoned from your pockets.

Start Small, But Start Now — the Brain-based Road to Success

Most people want to get better at something. It can be as mundane as keeping a more pristine checkbook or something as grandiose as becoming an elite-level athlete or leader. The process is the same, whether it’s big or small.

5 Tips to Become a High-Achiever

When working on a new project, many of us reach a breaking point and give up when things start getting difficult. Recognizing what makes you throw in the towel, and understanding your threshold is critical to exceeding your goals and pumping up your passion.

Increase Success: Help Others to Get an A+ in Life

“Where do you go in life? You go where you get an A”. I’m not sure who first said that, but it’s absolutely true and it’s consistent with how our brain is wired. When our ancestors wanted to punish a tribe member, really punish them, they exiled them from the clan.

3 Ways to Build and Keep Trust

The perfect storm of businesses I dealt with one day failed one after the next to keep their word. I had a flood in my house and needed a lot of venders to take care of things. There was a painter, a roofer, a tile man, a banker and the cable guy.