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Scott Halford


The Emergenetics® Profile vetted by our team for the betterment of yours.

Imagine compounding the insights, instinct and intelligence of the smartest people you know. Focused. Aligned. In-sync. Inspired. That’s what we help teams to achieve by building its individuals through understanding their neuro-genetically and environmentally endowed thinking and behaving attributes.

Introducing our brain-based approach to communication and team dynamics that begins with the psychometrically verified Emergenetics® Profile.  Once individuals and teams get their unique results they’ll have a clear understanding of the four main thinking preferences and the three emotional intelligence behaviors that magnify them. Then the momentum begins as the positive impact from the strengths of the team is realized. One well-oiled, in-step human machine. Activated. Aware. Agile. Able.


It measures what it’s going to measure. The assessment is scientifically valid and reliable and meets the Standards of Educational Psychological testing.

Thinking AND Behavioral preferences are both measured. It’s not common in one assessment to do both. But, thinking and behavior work together to form you.

You and your colleagues will find the Emergenetics® Profile easy to remember and therefore easy to use right away. Simple to understand with the complex ramifications you might be looking for as you become a people expert.

Everything is measured as a positive, strength. No sugar-coating. Just the reality that we all have it all. We possess each of the seven elements measured in the Emergenetics® Profile. How much we have of each determines our unique contribution.

Individual growth and development isn’t all there is. The power is manifest when applied to teams. You get useful applications to drive the momentum of the team.

Cognitive Diversity. Nice buzz to it. That’s because we shine as humans when we take into consideration each of the brains in the room. Their contributions and brilliance. The diversity of thought is in direct correlation to the richness of insights.


Consider a workshop! Bring your team together with programs that optimize collaboration and enhance communication. In-person, virtual or hybrid.


I believe that understanding yourself is your first priority.

I believe you want to know how you matter.

I believe your brain is powerful beyond your imagination.

I believe that the degree to which you keep your agreements with yourself is the degree to which your life will work.

I believe what you pay attention to is what’s important in your life.

I believe you know more than you think you do.

I believe your genes are not your destiny.

I believe in living by design and not by default.

I believe that working hard for something makes it more valuable.

I believe how you frame your life every day determines how your day will go—and thus your life.