I’m here to activate your brain.


Meet Scott Halford, the internationally renowned keynote speaker and the bestselling author of Activate Your Brain.

As a speaker, Scott is unlike anyone you’ve ever seen. Rather than talking at his audience, Scott forms connections with them to allow real, useful knowledge backed by neuroscience to stick in their minds and create change from within. This is by design. Like the millions of synapses that transmit information between neurons in our brain, Scott acts as conduit between his audience and the complex subject of neuroscience, demonstrating how understanding your brain can make you an effective leader and human being.

And unlike with many types of learning, the information actually sticks. Something powerful is unleashed. A switch gets flipped. A wall comes down. You can finally push forward again. It’s hard to imagine a more challenging environment for human connection than a keynote, yet Scott Halford always finds a way to connect with each person in the room. One person, one brain, one catalytic connection at a time.

Scott Halford


Scott Halford is a speaker for everyone. He creates an interactive and engaging atmosphere that leaves his audience laughing and thinking about new ways to be successful. By intentionally creating connections with the group, there’s an enduring nature to his content. Often described as a combination of a teacher and a motivational speaker, Scott hooks the room with magnetic charisma and keeps their attention with fascinating brain-related content.

Whether through a keynote, an executive leadership workshop or one of his bestselling books, the magic of Scott Halford is in his uncanny ability to reactivate the magic already inside you.


I believe that understanding yourself is your first priority.

I believe you want to know how you matter.

I believe your brain is powerful beyond your imagination.

I believe that the degree to which you keep your agreements with yourself is the degree to which your life will work.

I believe what you pay attention to is what’s important in your life.

I believe you know more than you think you do.

I believe your genes are not your destiny.

I believe in living by design and not by default.

I believe that working hard for something makes it more valuable.

I believe how you frame your life every day determines how your day will go—and thus your life.