Storytelling for Leaders


Scott Halford


You already have access to one of the most powerful tools in business. It is the power of stories. Storytelling gets a lot of attention, and for good reason. Those who are successful at it are better leaders and connectors and they inspire others to join them on the journey that we call business.

Learn from one of the most decorated storytellers anywhere around – from Emmy Award® winning TV documentaries to Wall Street Journal bestselling books to National Hall of Fame inductee, Scott Halford as your storytelling guide brings you the right experience.


I believe that understanding yourself is your first priority.

I believe you want to know how you matter.

I believe your brain is powerful beyond your imagination.

I believe that the degree to which you keep your agreements with yourself is the degree to which your life will work.

I believe what you pay attention to is what’s important in your life.

I believe you know more than you think you do.

I believe your genes are not your destiny.

I believe in living by design and not by default.

I believe that working hard for something makes it more valuable.

I believe how you frame your life every day determines how your day will go—and thus your life.